CreativeLoft? Tell me more!

The CreativeLoft, developed by redpoint26, is an industrial loft of approx. 150 m² in size, situated in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg.

Since 2003, many successful creativity and innovation workshops, meetings as well as brainstorming sessions saw the light of day here, and it has been proven to be an inspiring place to be.

The CreativeLoft has character and charm, is cosy while being an efficient place to work, with inspiration lurking everywhere in the room. It is the special place that mixes old and new things to an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when creativity is required. It is almost impossible to hide in this large space (well, maybe only in the bathroom). Everybody can see what is going on, and the moderator or facilitator will find it easy to work with a group of many.

Just left from the kitchen, there is a window through which you can access the terrace – suitable as a working space when weather permitting, or an ideal place for the break to get some fresh air, whilst nicotine aficionados can crave their desire here without having to leave the premise.

Inside the CreativeLoft, there is an industrial-style elevator, ideally suitable for disabled individuals as well as heavy loads of equipment.

There are four group-working stations, each suitable for up to four people.