What’s up and coming in Wilhelmsburg?

There is a lot to tell you about Wilhelmsburg, and things change rapidly. A few examples though can give you a good impression:

  • Wilhelmsburg is the largest district of Hamburg, according to size, with the most bridges. It is Europe’s largest stream island and is a central part of the development „Wachsende Stadt“„Growing City“ of the city of Hamburg. Wilhelmsburg is Hamburg’s most exciting place to be with lots of potential by far.
  • The largest in-door climbing venue in Northern Germany is nearby. www.nordwandhalle.de
  • 5 minutes walking distance from the CreativeLoft is a charming canal, called Veringkanal, and a short stroll down there will clear your mind for new challenges ahead.
  • Very close you can find an old bunker hat can be visited. From the top you have a fantastic view over Hamburg.