What’s to eat?

We understand how important some really delicious food is for the success of your workshop or event, especially if your brain cells are being used a lot in creating new ideas or solving old problems.

There will be absolutely no food that makes you tired (unless you eat too much of the good things…), and all will be highly delicious.

Of course, if you insist (or are curious enough?), we will call a pizza delivery service for you, or walk with you around the block to the local Turkish fast food place where you can experience original foods such as “Döner with Ayran”.

Your favourite catering service is welcome, of course, and can be organized by us if you like.

Catering is not included in the daily rate.

What’s to drink?

Included in the daily rate are the following beverages:
Water (still + sparkling), coca cola, juices, tea from the samovar, espresso from the Nespresso machine, coffee.

Upon request, we organise specialty beverages (Champagne, Sparkling Wine or Prosecco) at actual cost: If you want to say a toast to a special occasion, or if you simply like a specific beverage while eating your food.

Let us know about your special requirements at the time of booking and planning your workshop.